Common Usage
Building construction, building materials, furniture, joinery plywood and veneers.








The color of the seasoned heartwood is pale reddish-brown.The material is reported to season fairly rapidly, but is prone to sap stain.The wood should be dipped in anti-stain solution or kiln dried immediately after conversion.The heartwood is reported to have very little natural resistance to decay, and is vulnerable to insect attack. The timber is reported to absorb and retain sufficient amounts of preservatives, which allows it to be used for exterior applications such as utility posts, railway sleepers, and fences.The heartwood is reported to be moderately resistant to impregnation. The sapwood is treatable;The wood is resinous.Planning properties are rated as good.Molding characteristics are rated as good.Material containing high levels of resin may be difficult to glue.The timber is reported to have satisfactory polishing characteristics.The timber takes stain satisfactorily.Varnishing properties are reported to be satisfactory.Painting properties are rated as satisfactory.Steam bending characteristics are rated as poor.Strength Properties


There is great variability in density, strength properties, and wood characteristics such as, texture, and number and size of knots because Scots pine is distributed over a wide geographical range. It is not hard and can be dented and


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