Pallet wood & Softwood panel products.

We are shipping material for the pallet industry, our customers are pallet mills and importers.

Most of our customers are large pallet mills with automatic assembly lines. Our sources meet fully with the high quality demands and tolerances by even the most demanding customers.

Our main dimensions for the pallet industry :

  • 22 x 100 mm
  • 19 x 100 mm

Most goods are shipped as unseasoned for economic reasons, we have also KD goods.

At the moment we are competitive in the unseasoned white wood pallet boards PL/VL. Our supply is better in KD spruce/pine material; these are used now mainly in the food industry etc. where higher quality pallets are required.

We are shipping all sizes 10, 16, 19, 22 mm etc. Generally for any longer term trading deals, we can produce special sizes.

For panels we are dealing mainly with VI and PL/VL quality. We are also able to offer US (knotty free Pine) for the furniture industry.

We are very interested in new customers from Scandinavia and Europe for pallet and packaging wood.


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