Impex Timber Ltd.

impex timberWe offer close-grained spruce and pine sawn timber from Finland the land of lakes.Finland is a large sawn timber producer. The forests produce a variety of raw material from the Northern and Eastern regions, offering a fine-textured, close-grained high quality timber. 

Impex Timber Ltd. Is a well-established Finnish timber trading company. We are able to offer timber from over 35 different Finnish sawmills, the annual production of each sawmill varies from 20,000 m3 to over 200,000 m3 per sawmill. The production of timber within Finland is categorized into several groups: US, SF, V, VI, PL/VL or by the new Nordic timber grading standards A, AB, B, C and D.IMPEX TIMBER trade mainly in the Middle Eastern market, though the company is growing constantly and developing more commercial links within Europe. 

IMPEX TIMBER Is a supply base for Finnish timber concerning offers from the sawmills and demands from importers. We provide a wide dimension range of high quality sawn timber for a wide variety of uses. Timber from Finland is used extensively in construction, joinery and the furniture industry.To potential timber purchasers we offer a safe, competitive, reliable and professional source. For sawmills we offer a reliable partnership, rapid settlement of accounts and the possibility to sell all usual grades and types to one buyer. We can provide market information to help maximize production and profits.We are always interested in further contacts, whether you are an importer or large consumer that has an interest in qualitative close grained spruce and pine from Finland.We thank you for visiting our site and hope we can serve your companies needs. We are always interested in new contacts, professional and timber related organizations.

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